You have just opened the door to a wonderful, sustainable, eco-friendly reality! Cob buildings create an environment that is nourishing to the soul. Becky Bee is is in love with cob and so became the founder and mother of Groundworks, a cob building company. Becky shares her experience in workshops using natural materials of clay, sand, straw, mud and alternative building materials. She helps people make hand-sculpted environmentally friendly housing. Becky offers hands on workshops for co-ed groups as well as women only events. It is in this way that Becky, who, "Wants to make sense in a world where many things don't", makes her contribution. Becky is author of the Cob-Builders Handbook and You Can Make the Best Hot Tub Ever!
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Thinking About a Cob Home?

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  • Solar compatible
  • Energy efficient
  • Affordable
  • Long lasting
  • Non-toxic
  • Warm in the winter
  • Cool in the summer
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P.O. Box 121
Azalea, OR 97410


2014 Year of the Horse. A time to gather and remember to practice our instict.

Two exciting Workshops scheduled for 2014.
June 11-17 in Colorado and June 27- July 13 in Oregon.
Come and join us! See details below.
2014 Cob Internship with Becky Bee2014 Hands-on Cob Building workshop with Becky Bee

June 11th -17th, 2014
Register early and receive the early bird discount!
(Workshop space is limited and fills quickly)!
Location: San Pablo, Colorado

Living close to nature in the wonderful San Louise Valley, Colorado countryside, Via del Sol - Global Light Pods is the enthusiastic sponsor of this Becky Bee, cob building workshop. Come join the adventure and take advantage of this great opportunity . . . learn how and get first hand experience . . . get dirty, have fun and walk away feeling like you can build your own all natural home! We will begin by constructing a simple self-contained one module unit that can be expanded upon in endless ways.

CLICK HERE for more information and to register. *The cost for this 7 day Natural Building workshop including all meals and accommodation is $699 (early registration $599).

2014 Cob Internship with Becky Bee

June 27th - July 13th, 2014

Location: Glide, North Umpqua Valley, Oregon
Leading a life of horses and living in the wonderful Oregon countryside Becky comes out of hiding to offer this cob intensive. Come join us, and take advantage of this great opportunity . . . learn from first hand experience . . . get dirty, have fun and walk away feeling like you can build your own all natural home! We will be constructing a beautiful communal temple.
Go to Ubuntu Gardens Website for more information, pictures and directions.

*The cost for this two week Natural Building Intership including all meals and accomodation is $1,300.
Download the Course Registration form.

2013 Workshop - Go to Ubuntu Gardens Website for more information, pictures and directions.
Ubuntu Gardens is a nature-based workshop and retreat center for sustainability and healing arts education, a place for people to come together to discover and celebrate the sacred in all things!

What's New??

cob hand-sculpted bench
The sculpted bench that was created
despite unseasonal rains
during our spring 2003 workshop in San Diego.

At the 6th Women's Natural Building Symposium a wonderful gang of gals and five fun kids created a week long family group from across the states and as far afield as Ireland and Japan. A great time was had by all making plaster magic on the sacred cob temple in the Arkansas Ozarks.
electricity workshop women's symposium
Heather Windsor gave in depth lessons on
how to wire your own house.

thatch demonstration, woman studied in Ireland, traditional reed thatching
Erin Collins gave a talk and demonstration of her work in
Ireland doing traditional reed thatching.

Soon to be Added!
New Pictures in Photo Gallery

Cob Building Stories

Costa Rica — Spring 2006

6th Annual Women's Symposium

Ecuador 2002 Adventures

Urban Natural Building Project in Portland

Ecuador 2001 Workshop

"I was flying by the seat of my pants...."
How Lois Lewis, 72, Built Her Own Home
Interview by Becky Bee

Books Available
From Groundworks

picture of Becky Bee
cob builders handbook


A step by step, user friendly guide on how to make your own hand-sculpted earth home! 180 pages with lots of illustrations.
$19.95 + shipping (see below)

cob hot tub book

You Can Make
This book is out of print.
Relax! Warm your Bones!
Get to Know the Sky!"
by Becky Bee.
A detailed description on how to make a great wood fired hot tub in your back yard for very little cost!!
$12.95 + shipping (see below)
You can order an unbound photocopy of this book for the same price. (photocopy expense is more than print of this book)

earth oven book
A low-cost, wood-fired mud oven; simple sourdough Bread; perfect loaves - more than 100 illustrations.
by Kiki Denzer - 128 pages,
$18.95 + shipping (see below)

cob builders handbook10 for special


Bulk Order of Item #1:
Ten copies of
The Cob Builders Handbook
$120.00 includes shipping.
A great offer for gift giving or for students of that
workshop you're planning.
Just $12.00 each!


To Order a Copy: send your address and US price of book plus:
(within the US or Canada) US $5.00 shipping costs for the first book and US $1.00 for each additional book
(outside the US or Canada) US $10.00 shipping costs for the first book plus US $2.50 for each addtional book to: P.O. Box 121, Azalea, OR 97410, U.S.A.
Please make checks out to Becky Bee
Contact us for overseas shipping prices.

Books also sold at - Special offers may not apply.


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